22 Sep, 2020 | Ellie Goulding |

Leasing A Retirement Home

A majority of the people have a reasonable expectation that their right as consumers is protected by the regulations that govern business practices. Retirement villages in West Auckland were previously run not for profit but for providing affordable housing for retirees. The concept of upscale retirement homes has attracted for profit operators who have taken the opportunity to create resort style facilities for the different elderly demographic that exists today.

For any person looking to lease a retirement village, one important aspect to understand is the difference between residential care and retirement facilities, also getting the premises does not involve the purchase of brick and mortar but it is more of a lifestyle choice and mainly involves acquiring a long term leasehold for occupation. This often indicates that the retiree has purchased the legal right to occupy the property.

There are a variety of fees and charges related to aged care homes, this may range from entry charges, maintenance recurrent charges and upkeep of the facilities. The prospective retirees bear the burden of verifying the accuracy of the information provided about the village, this to get relevant facts to avoid falling into the trap of false presentation of actual facts about the home.

There is the need for consideration on the type of village arrangement available especially if the objective is getting an assisted retirement home. This will require looking at the available contractual agreements, there are premises where the owner of the home may lease it out to a retiree and the retiree will be responsible for all the services and maintenance of the facility for the specific period of the lease.

Community or strata title schemes s where one purchases the unit and becomes the owner while also becoming a member of the owners corporation. As for rental arrangements is where a small number of villages offer premises for rent to restricted people, the agreements may contain a term excluding one from the villages laws because one’s covered by the tenancy laws.